Secrets You'll Love for Your Next Universal Orlando Trip

There’s nothing quite like being in on the joke or knowing a secret and today we’re spilling the beans on some secrets you’ll love for your next Universal Orlando Resort trip! From secret traps, to listening in on conversations and even sending mail from Owl Post, there’s tons of fun things you can do in Universal Orlando that go way beyond the attractions!

Trigger Secret Traps in the Revenge of the Mummy Queue

Revenge of the Mummy is one of our favorite rides across both Universal Studios Florid and Universals Islands of Adventure and for good reason! It’s an indoor roller coaster with twists, turns, drops, and thrills around every corner! While walking the queue, which appears to be the excavation site of an ancient Egyptian tomb, you may run into booby traps set in place hundreds of years ago to keep unwanted visitors out! If your goal is to avoid this impending danger at all costs, then don’t go sticking your hand in any openings in the walls or grabbing any artifacts that don’t belong to you!

Listen Along on Any Payphone You See

It’s no secret that Universal Studios loves to pay extra attention to detail giving the Guest the best possible experience from the moment they enter the park! You may have noticed in the past there are payphones sporadically placed around the parks and each payphone has its own unique message! You’ll see an old school British style phonebooth near the entrance to Diagon Alley™ and Kings Cross Station™, step inside and dial MAGIC or 62442, a Ministry of Magic worker will pick up the line with a message about Ministry hours of operation! Another interactive payphone can be found in a Springfield alley near Cletus’ Chicken Shack! This phone doesn’t dial out but if you’re lucky enough to be nearby when it rings, we suggest picking it up for a prank call from none other than Bart Simpson himself.  Lastly, the third payphone is located on Marvel Super Hero Island in front of The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man™.  To hear a message from the Daily Bugle’s resident grouch and editor J. Jonah Jameson, be sure to pick up the call when the phone rings!

Spot a Stan Lee Cameo on The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man™

Speaking of The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man™, if you’re a Marvel fan, then it should come as no surprise that in various movies, TV shows, video games and more, Stan Lee loves to make a cameo and this ride is no different! Keep your eyes open and you’ll see Stan!

Exchange Your Currency at Gringotts™ Money Exchange

Universal Studio has thought of just about everyway to ensure you as a Guest have the most immersive experience possible while in the parks and that even extends to exchanging your money! Visit Gringotts™ Money Exchange located in Diagon Alley™ to exchange your regular currency for Harry Potter approved Gringotts™ Bank notes with the notorious goblin bankers! These special Gringotts™ Bank notes are equivalent to $10 and $20 and can used when making purchases at all locations in both Hogsmeade™ and Diagon Alley™.

PRO TIP: if you haven’t used all your Gringotts™ Bank notes by the end of your day, stop into Guest Services to redeem the remaining notes!

Send a Friend a Postcard from the Owl Post

Since it’s opening in 2010, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ has become a staple in Orlando and more specifically in Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.  On average, 10 million visitors from across the world visit The Wizarding World a year and what better way is there to tell your friends back home about the amazing time you’re having at the Hogwarts Castle™, the lunch you ate at Three Broomsticks™ or even the wand you picked up from Ollivander’s™ Wand Shop than by sending them a postcard! Pick a postcard of your choice with a unique postmark exclusive to the Owl Post, write a message and drop it in the mailbox just outside of Owl Post! Trust, it will be mailed off to the address listed on your postcard!

On your next trip to Universal Orlando Resort, we hope you have these fun secrets in mind! Send us a postcard and let us know if you fell victim to any of those Revenge of the Mummy booby traps!

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