Universal's Epic Universe and What We Can Expect

As far as up-and-coming theme parks go, Universal Orlando Resort’s Epic Universe is Central Florida’s most ambitious project yet, taking entertainment to a whole new level. This project is widely anticipated and has been since it’s announcement back in 2019. With Epic Universe’s expected opening date in 2025, we can’t help but speculate what’s to come at this new location.

When Super Nintendo World opened in Universal Studios Japan in 2021, Mario fans stateside couldn’t wait for our turn to punch some power-up blocks and race our friends at Mario Kart in real life. While Universal Studios Hollywood was able to head into the Mushroom Kingdom first earlier this year, Nintendo fans rejoiced as Super Nintendo World was announced for Universal Orlando Resort and it’s coming to Epic Universe.

Get ready to red shell your opponents at Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge and explore the vast land on the back of everyone’s favorite green dinosaur with Yoshi’s Adventure! Collect golden bananas, jump gaps, and maybe even launch from a barrel cannon with Donkey Kong on his brand-new roller coaster. While the name has not be confirmed, we cannot wait to traverse the mines on DK Island. 

While Super Nintendo World and most of its contents have been confirmed by Universal Orlando Resort, the rumor mill has been churning out some possibilities as what is to come to Epic Universe and it sounds just that, epic! Take this with a grain of salt until officially confirmed by Universal, but our fingers are crossed for a new Harry Potter ride and maybe area of the theme park too. Who wouldn’t want to dive more into the Wizarding World? A section of the theme park dedicated to the How to Train Your Dragon movies would be out of this world! Personally, I am excited for the prospect of a section of the theme park dedicated to Universal’s Classic Monsters. Think Dracula, The Wolfman, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and more spooky friends!

No matter what comes to Epic Universe, we can expect Universal Orlando Resort to deliver top-notch entertainment and unbelievable experiences, having us coming back for more and more. We can’t wait to dive into all things amazing at Epic Universe sometime in 2025!

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