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Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition takes guests on a journey back in time to April 1912, when the ship embarked on its maiden voyage. Guests receive a replica boarding pass, assume the role of a passenger and follow a chronological journey through life on Titanic. Learn the countless stories of heroism and humanity through the eyes of its passengers and crew. The Exhibition features more than 300 artifacts and historical items as well as full-scale room re-creations and the second largest piece of Titanic ever recovered – the "Little Big Piece" – a 3-ton section of the ship's hull.

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Titanic Exhibit Guided Tour

Come stroll through full-scale recreations of famous Titanic rooms, including her Grand Staircase, First Class Parlor Suite, Boilers, and Promenade Deck, where you can walk out and feel the chill of the cold Atlantic air as you gaze at the stars.

The exhibit showcases well over 400 artifact and historical treasures, including the second largest piece of Titanic ever recovered.

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