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Your Guide to Disney's Fastpass+

Your Walt Disney World tickets arrive in the mail; you start to daydream about what your Disney vacation will be like… Before you drift too far off into dreamland, there is one necessary element to your Disney trip you must start to plan: setting up your Disney Fastpass+ rides! The Fastpass will gain you access to all of the most popular rides in the park with little to no wait. Every guest is able to schedule exactly what time they will be able to skip the long lines throughout their parkventure. Here is a simple guide on how to make the most of your Fastpass:

  • Download the Disney Fastpass+ app: This free app allows you to book, review, change, and manage your Fastpass right from your smartphone for free. Simply load your entire family onto your Fastpass+ account to book your rides and times together.
  • Schedule your rides right when the Disney tickets arrive: With over 100,000 guests allowed in the park at once, the popular ride slots are filled quickly! The earlier you sign up, the better slots you receive.
  • Be sure to shuffle: Using the Fastpass+ app, users are able to shuffle rides and times to find the perfect schedule.
  • Plan your day around the slots you choose: Spread your ride times out so you aren't running from one side of the park to the other and having to backtrack later to ride everything in between the two rides.

For those who are confused about the online Fastpass+ site or app, Fastpass+ stations located throughout the park are open to book your ride times throughout the day. Just remember, the time slots fill up quick and are only reopened if another guest cancels their slots. During the busy season all of the rides can be booked up to an hour after the park opens. Enjoy the magic of Disney without the long waits with this Disney Fastpass+ guide and purchase your tickets in advance at Tickets2You.com to get the guaranteed best prices on attraction tickets!